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Understanding the Process

These transaction types include; Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Family, Government Transactions and Complex Multi-Parcel Real Estate Transactions. From contract to close we find ourselves working a number of professionals involved in the transctions, ultimately guiding our clients through to a successful close.

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  • Receipt of Agreement Terms.
  • Accept and provide documented receipt as required by Sale Contract.
  • Order Timely Title Commitment.
  • Provide Title Commitement to; Seller, Purchaser, Respective Agents and Attorneys.
  • Review Commitment for any Curative Matters.
  • Order any payoffs for existing liens.
  • Provide UCC Search as Requested.
  • Provide proper documentation as they relate to any involved Entities in the Transaction.
  • Timely prepare documentation for Seller’s and Buyer’s, as well as their respective Agents for approval.
  • Coordinate any Settlements for Business Entities and Transfers of Real Estate.
  • Close the transaction accordingly.
  • Review all documents for Notarization and Proper Signatures.
  • Disburse all funds in accordance with Settlement Statements.
  • Timely transmit any loan documents to the Lender.
  • Properly record the appropriate closing documents with the appropriate county and/or state authorities.
  • Issue Owner and Mortgagee Title Insurance Policies with any necessary endorsements.

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