Selling Your Property by Owner.

Where to begin…

Step #1: Contact Us; We can help direct a Seller to the resources the’ll need to prepare for putting their property Under Contract… These resources often include; a For Sale and Purchase Agreement and a Seller’s Net Sheet, and in some cases is better to order a Title Search now. That way you can get out ahead of any exceptions that may arise. Don’t worry it won’t cost you anything more to do it now…

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Step #2: Be familiar with the Sales Process; Here is the process as summarized below by our friends in Real Estate over at Coldwell Banker Coast Realty:

A Summary of the Sales Process

Assuming the customary sales process using the FAR / BAR As-Is For Sale and Purchase Agreement. Upon proper acceptance of a written agreement the sales process would likely follow as below, pending there aren’t any additional contingencies;

  1. Buyer should make Earnest Deposit upon acceptence of the Purchase Agreement to the Title Agency, which is typically chosen by the Seller.
  2. During the Inspection Period, which can often vary between 10-15 days, the Buyer should complete any necessary inspections and make any appropriate repair requests.
  3. Presuming everything goes well during Inspection Period you’ll likely be waiting on a Loan Approval if there is financing or you may be ready to close if it’s cash.
  4. Title Search is often done closer to closing, dependent on the agreement, but some Title Agencies are a bit more proactive (like Clear Choice Title) and may get them started earlier in the transaction.
  5. Once financing is secured and or all contingencies have been met, we would like hear a clear to close and begin moving toward Closing.
  6. From here, a well coordinated Closing should be expected by your trusted Title Agency.

Step #3: Under Contract; Once you’ve accepted an offer it’s important to give us a Call or send us an Email to get started on Title Work and coordinate the receipt of the Earnest Deposit from the Buyer.

Step #4: Provide Title Insurance Commitment; Not only are we cost effective, but we are also timely with our Title Searches in order to limit and reduce any possible delays.

Step #5: Prepare for Closing; We schedule your settlement appointment and begin gathering the documentation needed to close from several other parties (HOA, lenders, HOI, etc.)

Step #6: Close & Disburse Funds; We leverage best inclass technology to digitize and securely store all your documents and records. Finally the buyer and seller review and sign the closing documents, after which we will disburse the appropriate funds to each party.

*Any information provided herewithin should not be considered legal counsel, each transaction is unique in nature and the appropriate counsel should be sought. Any information cannot be gauranteed and implies no warranty. This is written in a presumption Clear Choice Title is chosen to perform Settlement & Title.

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