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Title Search

We provide the timely assurances Lenders need in order to close your loan. Even if title had recently been completed, Lenders will want to kno that there have not been any changes and that’s what our Search process will reveal. It’s important to perform a Title Search in a timely manor, so if any problems do arise everyone can have the necessary time to properly satisfy them.

Communication Hub

We act a Communication hub when it comes to contacting and coordinating; Lenders, Property Owners, Attorneys, Govnerment Officials, Surveyors and Creditor, in order to resolve any issues before refinancing. Not only are we great at coordinating all the communication, we are also wonderful at gathering all of the necessary documents required for lending and closing.


The Day of Closing, “Closing” is a meeting in which the borrower arranges to sign all of the loand documents and we make the appropriate disbursements of all funds, money. It’s our job to prepare the Settlement Statement that lists all of costs to be paid from the loan proceeds and the amount to be disbursed to the borrower. At closing, the Borrower will sign the Settlement Statement, refinancing documents including the new promissory note and mortgage. As the closer, we then deliver the mortgage to be recorded with the county recorder’s office.


We stick to our Lender’s instructions when handling disbursement of funds. As the Closing Agent we deliver money to the appropriate entitled parties in accordance to the Settlement Statement.

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