Realtors trust Clear Choice Title

7 Ways We Earn Their Trust.

#1 Timely Communication; Not only are we excellent communicators, we are able to provide instant on demand updates by using Cloud Based transaction software.

#2 Effective Coordination; It’s important to meet all critical dates, having foresight as to the necessary surveys, variances, and keeping the title committement date top of mind.

#3 We Pick Up the Phone; As Title & Closing Services continue to become very mobile and less personable, we are not afraid to pick up the phone when we need to provide a moment of clarity for everyone.

#4 Go Above and Beyond; We will do everything within out Power to keep the Customer our Top Focus, going above and beyond is what we consider an opportunity to show our commitment to excellence.

#5 Time Sensitive; We understand it’s important to do our Homework in a timely mannor as to avoid any delays.

#6 Be Available; The Day of Closing is not the end of our Relationship with our Customers. We are here when you need us and can provide insight to future actions.

#7 Smooth Closings; We know the two most anticipated days for a Customers are the day they go Under Contract and the day of Closing, we’d like to think we can make at least one of those days that much better.

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